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Terms of Payment

Unless otherwise specified, the stay are paid in full (100%) upon departure. All non-refundable bookings are prepaid at the time of booking.


Hotel Christian IV reserves the right to charge a deposit of 25% of the booking amount for bookings during the summer season, holidays and at major corporate or group bookings. The deposit due is 30 days after an order and if the deposit isn't paid in due time, the reservation is cancelled.

Online booking

For online booking the stay must be guaranteed with a credit card. Verification of the card are made by DIBS ( Danish Internet Payment Service ) approved by PBS. The verification of the card may result in an amount being booked on the credit card. Money will not be charged unless clearly stated.


Cancellations must be made in writing by e-mail at least 24 hours before arrival (2pm local time the day before arrival).

If the cancellation deadline is exceeded or the guest fails to appear, payment for the first night will be charged. 

Cancellation of group bookings

Cancellation of group bookings of 5 rooms or more, must be cancelled ​​in writing no later than four weeks before the planned arrival date of the stay. If the booking is of less than 5 rooms we refer to the above cancellation policy.

Upon cancellation of the entire group reservation or reduction of more than 20 percent up till 7 days before the arrival date of the planned stay, an allowance equal to 50 percent of the price of the cancelled services is required.

Later than 7 days prior to the stay of the order requires payment equal to 75 percent to the price of the cancelled services. Reductions below 20 percent  can be made without charge until 24 hours before arrival.

Force majeure

If the stay is prevented due to force majeure (natural disasters, strikes, war, riots etc.), Hotel Christian IV is not liable for disrupted or cancelled stays.

If in doubt, we refer to the hotel- og restaurationsbranchens terms and conditions.

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