Hotel Christian IV v/Peter Christian Jørgensen (CVR No. 28062834), a Danish sole proprietorship owned limited liability company with address at Dronningens Tværgade 45, 1302 Copenhagen K, Denmark. We take care of your personal information and comply with the laws in force at any time to protect you as an individual. Hotel Christian IV acts as a data controller for personal information in relation to the services, but other companies may act as data servers or mediators for certain personal data, such as the connection with hotel reservations. "Personal Information" means any information directly or indirectly associated with a living person.

Our goal is to maintain a high level of protection of personal data. Hotel Christian IV primarily uses personal data to manage, provide, develop and maintain services, process reservations, optimize user experience in relation to the services, and individualize our communication with you. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully so you understand how and for what purposes we process your personal information. When you disclose personal information to us and accept the terms and conditions of use, you agree that your personal information may be processed in accordance with the terms and conditions contained in the separate terms and conditions of each service and this Privacy Policy. If any further consent is required by law, we will of course request this. 

This Privacy Policy, Our Booking Terms, Terms and Conditions of the Website, Hotel Christian IV's Cookie Policy are collectively referred to as the "Terms of Service". The personal data terms describe the basis for the way we treat the personal information we receive from you when you use the services or that we collect about you. For certain of our services, separate terms and conditions apply to the processing of personal data that you acknowledge when using the Individual service.

Changes to the Personal Data Policy will be announced by publishing new terms and conditions on the Hotel Christian IV's website. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly review these.

If you add personal information of other persons, it is your responsibility to ensure that Hotel Christian IV is able to process personal data in accordance with the applicable Personal Data Terms.


Hotel Christian IV collects and processes your personal data to the extent permitted by law. Collection and processing can take place when you use the services, for example make a reservation or during and/or after your stay. We use different methods for collecting personal data, including cookies, customer surveys and member services. In some cases, Hotel Christian IV collects and imports personal data from databases outside Hotel Christian IV (e.g. Facebook and Google). It is important for Hotel Christian IV that your personal information is always complete and up to date.

In cases where there is a legal requirement for consent to be obtained for the processing of particular types of personal data or for a particular treatment thereof, consent will be obtained from you before processing the information. 


We exclusively collect personal data that is relevant for the purpose described in the separate Terms and Conditions of each performance and the current Privacy Policy. The information collected includes, for example, information about name, address, phone number, email address, IP address, information required for use of the performance (e.g. login), language, user history, membership information, travel information, reservation preferences, payments, position, contact person in emergencies, special food preferences, disability access, and other information you have provided in connection with the use of the services. Examples of personal information collected from companies outside the Hotel Christian IV Group may include updated address information and demographic information. 


Hotel Christian IV collects personal information for various purposes. The service you use determines which personal data we collect and how they are collected. The information collected is used to create an individual profile that allows Hotel Christian IV to fulfill the contractual obligations and also to offer more flexible and individualized experiences. Information about an unidentified person is used to create a pseudo profile, inter alia on the basis of cookies, and may, if later identified, as an example by making a reservation, connect to the created profile. 

Hotel Christian IV uses personal information to:

1. Manage, provide, develop and maintain services,
2. Process your reservations and orders on the services,
3. Contact you, e.g. per email or SMS, or notify you of reservation status or anything else in connection with your reservation before, during and after your stay,
4. Diagnose errors, optimize technology and contact you in the event of problems with a reservation or the execution of the services,
5. Analyze and improve the quality and experience of the services, and for example make sure your account is not used by others,
6. Individualize our communication with you regarding the services, e.g. by creating a profile for you and sending you offers that correspond to your profile as a user of our services,
7. Analyze statistics and user behavior in relation to our services,
8. Improve your benefits and experience of our services in a way that we believe you will appreciate, or
9. Promote services and products, directly or indirectly, including behavioral marketing.

You are always entitled to request Hotel Christian IV to refrain from using your personal information for marketing purposes or revoke your consent without charge. You can exercise this right by contacting Hotel Christian IV at the address listed under section 10. 


Hotel Christian IV saves personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable law. Personal data may be transferred between units of Hotel Christian IV for processing for the purposes stated in the Terms and Conditions. Hotel Christian IV uses subcontractors, for example for IT solutions, and personal data can be transferred to such subcontractors. Our subcontractors treat your personal information on behalf of Hotel Christian IV and always according to our instructions, and only after a data processing agreement has been entered in accordance with applicable law, so that we ensure a high level of protection of your personal information.

Hotel Christian IV may disclose personal data to third parties, such as police or other public authority, if this happens in connection with the investigation of a crime, or if Hotel Christian IV is otherwise required to disclose such information under the law or upon the decision of a public authority.

In general, Hotel Christian IV does not transfer personal data to countries outside the EU and the EEA, but if we, for example, have a subcontractor with a home address outside of the EU and EEA or if it is necessary for us to fulfill a contractual obligation to you, transferal of personal data to a country outside the EU and the EEA may take place even if the level of protection of personal data in the relevant country is not sufficient according to the European Commission. Hotel Christian IV concludes data processing agreements with these subcontractors in accordance with EU / EEA rules to ensure a high level of protection for your Personal Information in such situations. The data processing agreements regulate subcontractors processing of Personal Data and the transfer of Personal Data, if applicable, in accordance with applicable EU / EEA Data Protection Rules. The terms and conditions of these agreements meet the requirements of the European Commission and the applicable data protection legislation. 


Hotel Christian IV has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your information against e.g. loss, manipulation or unauthorized access. We adapt our security measures to meet current technological developments.

Hotel Christian IV deletes personal data in accordance with applicable legislation. This means, for example, that Hotel Christian IV deletes or anonymizes personal information when there is no longer any purpose of processing the personal data. Our purpose of processing your personal information is described in section 3 above as well as in the Personal Data Terms.


The services may contain links to other applications and/or websites that are not under the control of Hotel Christian IV. This Privacy Policy applies solely to your use of the services. Hotel Christian IV is not responsible for content on applications and websites, to which is linked, or for the processing of personal data that may occur by the owner or operator of websites to which are linked.


If changes are made to your personal information, please send a message to Hotel Christian IV to the address listed under section 10. Hotel Christian IV is not responsible for any problems that may arise because data is outdated or inaccurate if you have not notified any such changes.

Hotel Christian IV will, upon your request, or if Hotel Christian IV becomes aware of this, change or delete incorrect or incomplete information. You are also entitled to receive, without consideration, a copy of the personal information about you as we process these. Requests for such prints must be sent in writing to Hotel Christian IV - see address in section 10. The request must be signed by you and include your name, postal address, phone number, email address (the address you use in relation to Hotel Christian IV). The printout will be sent to your registered address within one month after Hotel Christian IV has received your request. The frequency of how often you are entitled to receive such prints may vary, depending on where you are resident.

You may revoke your consent at any time (without retroactivity) of your personal information by contacting Hotel Christian IV at the time of booking – see listed address in section 10. Hotel Christian IV will then block such information from further processing. However, if you withdraw your consent, this will not affect data processing that Hotel Christian IV is entitled to make without your consent (e.g. making reservations made by you), but it may result in a deterioration of the services or consequence that Hotel Christian IV can no longer deliver the services. 


Hotel Christian IV uses cookies for Hotel Christian IV's digital services. Further information about Hotel Christian IV's use of cookies, what cookies are used and how to avoid cookies are found in Hotel Christian IV's current Cookie Policy


If we complete all or part of the sale, restrict or other transferal of our business, your personal information will be transferred in connection with this.


If you have questions, comments or complaints about Hotel Christian IV's processing of personal data and compliance with the Terms of Service or the applicable privacy laws, please contact Hotel Christian IV by sending a letter to Hotel Christian IV, Att. Peter Jørgensen, Dronningens Tværgade 45, 1302 Copenhagen K, Denmark or send an e-mail to